Saturday, March 13, 2010

new and improved snow

The weather gods were having some wild mood swings this week. We had 4 days of very warm weather with rain at the beginning of the week, and I was beginning to think the snow was on the way out. Most of it had melted by Thursday which mostly just left wet ice and a lot of leftover grit from the whole winter. Then came Friday, the weather cooled down a few degrees and we ended up with about 8 inches of new snow. Thus my poor little Audi buried in the picture below. This was from Saturday morning after I had cleaned it off completely on Friday night. I finally took a spill on the ice walking to work last week. That was the first time I have fallen on the ice but I managed to catch myself with my hands before anything important hit the ground.
We had a group of engineers from around the world come to Trondheim this week for some Bluetooth related testing. I felt bad for those guys, they saw the worst week of weather we've had in about 5 months. Of course most of them left Thursday night or Friday morning right before it started snowing and everything looked nice again. Most of them probably won't be in any hurry to come back. I think at least 3 or 4 of them slipped and fell on the ice. I saw one of them go down pretty hard holding on to an umbrella. He fell backwards right on his tailbone. He got up again but he wasn't walking quite straight after that.
The Norwegian class is going well. We have a tough grammar test coming up next week though so I probably should be studying instead of writing this but ja vel - jeg studerer senere.
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