Thursday, June 18, 2009

Go ahead and laugh..........

So I was in the ICA store across the street yesterday, buying my staple food items: bread, yogurt, Coke Zero, Kvikk Lunsj etc. When I went to pick up my usual loaf of crappy Norwegian bread, I noticed that it had green mold on it. So I picked up the one next to it, that one had green mold on it as well. Hmmm, taking a closer look all of the loaves looked a bit like they had been dropped out of the back of a moving truck. It was about this time that I realized that for the last 6 months I have been buying all of my bread from the rack of week old stale loaves they were just trying to get rid of........
The actual fresh bread is in the rack 10 feet away.
It never dawned on me before why they had 2 bread racks.
All this time I just assumed Norwegians made the worst bread in the world.
My apologies to all the Norwegian bakeries.
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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Summer party

This picture has nothing to do with the post. I just liked it :)

Yesterday we had a big summer party at work. We had a nice buffet dinner complete with "vegetar" options, and then we watched a very funny short film last year that some of the engineers put together for the company 25th anniversary last year. After that we had a band made up of some current and former Nordic employees play for a while. The band was actually quite good, the singer was the wife of one of the engineers and she could belt it out.
Joel, Bjorn Inge, and the rest of the organizing crew made sure that we had PLENTY of beer and other drinks to last for the evening. We did our best to consume all the beer but I think there might have been a few left at the end. Most of us switched from beer to something else after the band stopped. Irene made a couple of nice Irish coffees for me, which probably would explain why I was still standing at 3:30 when the stragglers finally decided to call it a night. I had to walk home in the rain, but since it was already light outside and I was fully intoxicated it didn't seem to matter that much. I got into a large tussle with the zipper on my jacket after I got home. I had it zipped up to the collar and the zipper would not come down when I got in the door, I briefly considered going to bed with a wet jacket on, but after one final heroic effort I got the damn zipper down far enough to yank the jacket over my head. Victory was mine!
It was quite a fun evening overall, I got to hear several inebriated and abbreviated versions of Norwegian history, which you will only get after a Norwegian engineer has had at least 4 beers. Hopefully everyone made it home safe and sound.

I did finally have my first crash on the new mountain bike last week. I started down a very steep short hill full of rocks and roots, only realizing when I was half-way down that there was a very large nasty rock right in the middle of the trail at the bottom which I couldn't avoid. It threw me up in the air hard enough that both feet came off the pedals, and when I came back down on the seat my feet missed the pedals, so shortly after that the bike and I parted company. I did a nice somersault in the dirt and the bike went off the side of the trail. No harm to either me or the bike, so I just came home a bit dirtier than normal....ride on!
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Monday, June 8, 2009

Flower day

I decided to join the herd and fill up a flower box yesterday. Most of the neighbors had one already so I didn't want to be the oddball flower hater guy. Cletus has my drill so I can't mount it yet but I'm sure it will be the envy of Kyavegan street. Who invented salty licorace? Man that stuff sucks but I bought a half pound of it so now I feel like I should eat at least some of it before I chuck the rest into the dumpster.
It often looks like summer outside now, except when you actually go outside and realize that it's only 45 degrees. The daylight lasts a really really really long time though now. It does feel odd to be walking around at midnight or even later and it's still light outside. The sun does go down eventually but it's so close to the horizon that it never quite gets dark out. The whole country seems to have turned bright green in the last month, it's quite beautiful to see the fields growing, all the trees filled out and flowers growing everywhere. Definitely more fun to walk to work now.
When I came home from work at lunch to do an errand today, an older lady who lives on this floor was coming out of the elevator when I came out of my door - "Sporty?" she said. I thought frantically for a second, trying to figure out what the hell she could be talking about. "Sporty?" she said it again this time pointing at her head. Then I got it. I was wearing my bike helmet. I think she thought I was just screwing off from work going out for a bike ride. "oh ja ja" I said laughing. Didn't have the heart to tell her I was just going back to work :)
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