Sunday, November 23, 2008

The road to Ikea is paved with ice (and snow)

I took a few pictures outside today, not much else to do since the stores are closed on Sundays. The one below is my "running trail" also known as an ice covered sidewalk. I'm sure that CTB will think that is nothing compared to running in Minneapolis in January, but it's the best I can do right now :) I did see one other person running today so I'm not the only oddball here. Most of the Norwegians I see running here are probably just getting ready for XC ski season, so that's what I tell people as well.

There is also a speed skating oval not too far from my apartment. You can tell from that picture how much snow we've had in the last 5 days, because last weekend there wasn't any here at all.

Tomorrow should be a big day, I am going to open a Norwegian bank account at DnBNOR bank here in Trondheim. Maybe I'll get a free toaster or some lefse or something...I already have a toaster so the lefse sounds better.

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