Sunday, February 28, 2010

beatiful ski day

My favorite time of year in Norway! The weather was beautiful this weekend. It was just cold enough in the early morning that even my battered old no-wax skis could get some traction. The sun was out all day and there is really something nice about the combination of bright sunlight, blue sky and white snow with an occasional mountain and fjord tossed in for good measure. I got lost on the way to Grønlia for a few minutes but the trusty map got me pointed in the right direction again and I managed to beat the lunch crowd to the warming cabin there. There is a really nice view from the cabin down over the lake, although admittedly the lake is frozen solid right now...
I tried the brown cheese with a waffle today for lunch. It actually tastes pretty good after a few hours of skiing, even if the brown cheese looks kind of strange. I have been working on my 3rd written essay for the Norwegian class today. It is probably about the level that a Norwegian second grader would write :)
I'm struggling a bit with the all important description of brushing my teeth in the mornings - Jeg pusser tenne? pusse tennene? pusser tenner? Too many combinations. Google translate is not that much help with grammar, as it seems to be on about the same 2nd grade level.
We had a week off of class for winter break, now we have another month of classes before Easter.
I took a break from running after the race in January, but now I'm starting to circle the new neighborhood after work now. It stays light until about 6:15 now so there is plenty of daylight again. By the end of March it will be light until almost 9 pm, which is another reason March is one of my favorite months here.
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