Saturday, December 27, 2008

Rebel without a warning sticker

Today was my final furniture assembly day as you can tell by the incredible mess I was creating. I made a couple of trips to Ikea this morning to get a table and 4 chairs, a little foot stool, a coffee table and some more pole thingies that go in the closet. There is basically a 3 to 1 rule with Ikea, in that you will spend 3 hours carrying in and assembling the stuff for every hour that you spent buying it.
My white chairs don't really go with the oak table but what the hell. I liked them better than the other chairs.
When I got around to building my little foot-stool, there was a warning sticker in the box with drawings of all of the horrible things that would happen to you if you stood on the top step. The last step of the instructions was to attach the warning sticker. Due to my background as an American rebel, I decided to leave the warning sticker off. That's right, I left it off and I don't care who knows about it. Someday I'll probably regret that but right now it feels good.

So after I finished and cleaned up all the cardboard and plastic it looks more like this now. Actually it looks exactly like this:

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  1. Hi Miles! Good job on your blog. I just read the entire thing. Your apartment looks amazing. It sounds like you are meeting some entertaining folks at work... I like the one you are trying to turn into a coffee addict. Can I send you some Kona coffee to help you with that? I am so sorry I have been out of touch. I am back on Maui now... recovering well. Went on my first walk yesterday. It was soooo good to get out. I miss you. What is the time difference between us and what is your new cell number? Much love, Erica